Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I'd gone down to the fat cake, to put it better for the little birds and I saw what I thought was a squished dead bee stuck on it. My first thought was that will make a tasty meal for a bird. It looked like his stinger was sticking int he air. I went to prod it off and noticed it move slightly, so I got it for a better look and realised it was some strange creature with a very pointy nose. Obviously I ran back to the house for my camera and managed to take a few nice closeups. I got him onto a stick. He was ever so "lethargic", then put him back on the fat when I'd finished photographing him. I looked up "bee with long nose" and found out that he was a bee-fly. Who are apparently very zippy!! This one certainly wasn't.

So here are a load of close ups.

And some lovely budding flowers

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ShySongbird said...

What an amazing looking little creature I have never seen one (or, I confess, even heard of one), it was nice to see such good pics of it.