Thursday, 2 April 2009

Collared Dove and friends

The collared dove had decided that he didn't want to eat off the floor. So he started jumping on to the feeder tray to munch.
Then he sussed he could easily reach the ports.
The feeder was quite solid on the branch with its' metal handle, so I took it off and tied it to the branch with some string, thinking that when he lands it will swing and he'll lose balance.
The next morning, I looked out to see him happily munching away, no problem.
So I moved the feeder to underneath the bush, thinking he'd not get enough room to fly to it.
But I came home to see him munching away. Although I did see him try to get on later on. If he didn't get it right, it would be a bit awkward for him and he'd give up. So a part result.

I have now got 3 greenfinches, although they won't stray from this feeder.

I now have a male and female goldcrest. The male has an orangy stripe while the female's is yellower.

I also have the two nuthatches flitting in and out all day.

"I'm looking at you"

I was especially pleased to get my monthly visit from the bullfinches.


Steve said...

Some great birds there, Joo.

swatson said...

what a collection of birds you have visit,so lucky with the nuthatch and goldcrest Joomoo