Tuesday, 24 March 2009

March Visitors

After an incredibly quiet few days it was like Picadilly Circus in the garden.I think I had 15 species in 30 minutes.
I had 10 starlings, collared dove, greenfinch, nuthatch, 5 siskins (numbers well down), 6 or so jackdaws, goldcrest, robin, blue tit, coal tit, one goldfinch who wouldn't let anyone share "his" feeder, dunnock, woodpecker, about 7 blackbirds and 3 chaffinches.

I was in stealth mode, so managed to snap the robin

It must be amazing to eat something that is so much bigger than you.

The starlings were out in force today


ShySongbird said...

Brilliant list of garden visitors, I would so love to see a Nuthatch,a Goldcrest and a Woodpecker in the garden! Nice photos and loved the Robin.

swatson said...

great photos again joomoo