Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We had been warned about it, so I decided to stay home and enjoy the snow. I was supposed ot be getting on with filing and tidying and stuff, but couldn't resist sitting in the window all morning.
We'd had a bit of snow last night, then a very heavy snowstorm for a few hours late morning. Then it turned lovely and sunny, so there's not much snow left, but here's a few photos

The siskins were their usual eating machines.

I snapped the robin. I'd cleared this rock to put some fatty seeds and chicken, but within half an hour you couldn't even tell where the rock was

The long tailed tits turned up for a quick snack.

And this blackbird must have been there for some time as the snow has settled on his tail. There were a few birds who were hunkered down trying to maintain their warmth, such as the wood pigeons

I was surprised to see crows eating the fat cake, but members on GBS forum have told me they are more likely to be jackdaws. I shall have to have a good look next time I see them.

I also spotted a thrush and whereas I'm sure the one I'd seen before was a song thrush, I'm sure the one I saw today was a mistle thrush.


swatson said...

lovely wintry scenes(from indoors)and great photos Joomoo what a lovely variety of birds you get

Nellie said...

Great photos Joo! How long did the little bird sit there with snow on his tail? He didn't get burried did he?

JooMoo said...

Thanks Sheila
and Nellie - he seemed to be there for quite some time, but didn't get any more buried.