Sunday, 1 February 2009

A busy day in the garden today. The birds must be anticipating the cold snap on it's way.
I counted 8 goldfinches today and took a few pics.

I love the way they look down to see when they will be able to get a perch.

How cute!

The starlings returned. I'm not sure which of these 2 pics I like the best. The lower one looks well snug in the fir tree.

The finches really didn't like the middle seeds in the feeder
Mrs siskin looking lovely
But Mr Robin turned up

It got a bit windy today and twice the robin got blown away. So funny

The long tailed tits were about quite a bit today

And I was pleased to see (and photograph badly) the great spotted woodpecker. He was partial to the fat cake that's away from in front of the window. The black cap also liked that cake.

So it's giving big snow for tomorrow. Hopefully it will be so big I can't go to work and I can sit in the window and take photos of birds in the snow.

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swatson said...

what a great collection of birds Joomoo great photos too.