Saturday, 31 January 2009

I did a stock up last night. The "songbird" and "softbill" seeds that didn't get eaten were put intot the big feeders and I filled the nuts up. Today, neither feeders had much food eaten from them. The nyger was popular as usual.
I was busy doing decorating and tidying type work, but everytime I went near a window, I'd have to look out.

The starling is having a right good nose at something

And I'd love to know what the blackbird is saying to the long tailed tit.

And I can't resist taking pics of my siskins


denzil said...

nice shots joomoo, where did you get your seed tray at bottom of nyger feeder

JooMoo said...

Thanks Denis.
The tray is a Droll Yankees A-tray. It seems to fit most of my feeders and is available at GBS,default,pd.html

swatson said...

nice photos Joomoo love the siskins

denzil said...

thanks, must get one