Sunday, 11 January 2009


My garden today was siskin central. While I was taking these pics I counted about 9 of them. Later on, there were 13 or 14 - it's hard counting birds as you get to 10 and one moves and you think "did I already count that one" haha.

This picture shows just how close that feeder is to the window. I have no zoom on and you can also see just how many feeders I have in this big "bush"

While I was "assuming the position" ready for the siskins to fly over, Mr robin landed on the feeder and I managed to press the button before he realised I was there and flew off. What a fab look on his face.

I was in a large B&Q yesterday, so thought I'd go see if they had any good bird feeders / food. They had quite an impressive section including niger seed and feeders, so I was having a good browse. I could hear tweeting, but thought it must have been some electronic bird thingie.
Then I saw a robin staring at me. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I said. He was happy as anything hopping from side to side of the aisle, on the floor, flying up to get spilled seed. A woman pushed her trolly past, saw him and went OOOOOOOOOOO. "That's what I said" I told her.
Considering my robins hate the sight of me, I must have stayed there at least 15 minutes (while MrJoo was waiting for the tin of paint I was supposed to be getting ) I did try holding some seed out for him, but he just looked at me. I mentioned this at the checkout and she said he'd been seen there before Christmas. So whether that's his home and he doesn't go out, or he's in and out, I don't know. He certainly has plenty of food there.


swatson said...

great photos of the siskins never had any in my garden,and as for that robin great,looks as if he cant believe what he's looking at

denzil said...

good shot of the robin, keep them coming

JooMoo said...

Well, the siskins have only recently found my garden,s ot here's hope for you yet.

And I do think that's a cracking photo of the robin, myself. Considering he spends his time teasing me and flying off, he looks annoyed that he's been caught out.

MattHB said...

wow what lovely birds Siskins are.. Ive not see them before.

that picture of the Robin is great, caught with his beak full!