Saturday, 17 January 2009

New Visitors

I had a new visitor today, and with the help of the lovely people at the GBS forum, I've identified it as a wren. I thought it was one due to it's tail, but it seemed to be very brown rather than the speckly borwn in all my books.

I also spotted my first wood pigeon. I assume they have been here for ever since I often heard them, but it's the first time I've noticed him and, boy, is he a fat bird. (Rubbish pic, I know)
And I also needed help in double checking that this is a crow.

Haha, I snapped the robin before he saw me and flew off

I took my 2 main feeders down to clean and put them back up the other way round. I'd also moved the tray onto the nyger feeder. However, the siskins and goldfinches have stayed away from it. First off, I thought that it was because it was too near the window, but when I swapped them around, they still didn't want to use the nyger feeder. If none has gone by tomorrow, I shall have to take the tray off. I have ordered a taller nyger feeder and tray, so perhaps they'll not mind that.

The collard dove was dive bombing onto the grass and scattering the smaller birds.

And I snapped this nice shot of a coal tit.

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swatson said...

still think the smaller photo looks a bit like a female the goldcrest