Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Morning After The Night Before

Wow, was it windy last night. I'd looked out the window and saw the candle on the floor, but then when I went downstairs to look out the window, I could see that it wasn't the only casualty.
The nut feeder was on the ground a long way from the tree and also the nyger feeder with tray had fallen and somehow the tray had cracked a bit of plastic and the bottom came off the feeder with the seed almost spilling out. So I had to go out and rescue everything. I brought the nyger in to dry and see if I could recover it (I did) and popped the big seed feeder onto a lower branch. because the tree is really a wild bush, it doesn't half sway in the winds which is why the feeders all fell off. Also, the cheap square nyger feeder that I had only filled on Friday was absolutely empty.

So this morning before going out to sort the feeders out again, the siskins were all over the floor and the goldfinches were happy on this feeder.

Hehe, I snapped the robin before he spotted me.

And the collared doves are starting to come close to the house again. For the past few months, they haven't come close (that I have seen) but this last week or so, they've been regulars

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swatson said...

great photos joomoo love the goldfinches dont get many visits in my garden and the robin is lovely