Friday, 23 January 2009

Tree Creeping

Not had much twitching time this week. Had about 20 minutes on both wednesday and Thursday mornings, but it's only just getting light so no chance of getting any photos.
I have had huge(ish) quantities of siskins. I counted at least 15, perhaps 18 of them the other morning. I probably took about 20 goes to count it as they would normally sit at the top of the middle tree and some would go to the bush tree but as I was counting one or two or more would swap places and I'd have to start again, but count faster.
The nuthatch was seen on Wednesday. I used to see him very regularly, but not so much any more, so I was glad to see him. The starling numbers have been down recently too.

I was thrilled to spot a stranger to my garden. I'd caught fleeting glimpses twice next door and I was sure I'd heard him last summer. But I squealed with delight when I saw the greater spotted woodpecker in MY tree in MY garden. Hopefully he's checking things out and will be regular. He only stayed for a short minute then was gone.

Due to the hight volume of siskins I ordered a taller nyger feeder and put it up on Monday. The siskins and finches seem to like it at the short times I've seen, but if this is how much "waste" they are making, I'm bloomin glad that I got a tray. I'm sure that over half of what's gone from the feeder is in the tray. I shall have to dry it off and put it back in.

So I got home in daylight today and there was a lot of activity on the ground outside the window, a lot of what looked like skinny lady chaffinches. But they soon scarpered.
I spotted my tree creeper in the bush tree. He was just sat in the same place for ages and it was so long that I was wondering was he OK?
I slowly opened the window and was hanging out stretching my arm to him to take a photo. He didn't hardly move. He was looking at me, so must have known I was there.


swatson said...

oh Joomoo you are sooo lucky he is absolutely gorgeous and what fabulous photos

denzil said...

you really have quite a variety of birds in your garden,good shot of the treecreeper.