Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Christmas-time 2008

I had almost two weeks off work over Christmas and New Year. It didn't mean I got to see my birdies as we barely spent any time at home.

The one birdie pic I took at home though was a whole load of starlings in the trees at the bottom of the garden. I get up to about a dozen on the tree near the house, but had never seen this many. Some had flown off before I got the camera out, but I think I counted about 60 in this pic. Quite a few were sat in pairs.

These pics are all over the place, but we visited the sister-in-law over new year - she has a big house in nice grounds next door to Sherwood Forest. I was surprised that we didn't see many birds at all. Mind you, it was so bloomin cold we rarely left the warmth of the house.

I saw these lovely icy cobwebs - amazing

We went out for the day on New Years Eve. Blimey was it cold. Saw this blackbird pulling worms out of the ground. It was hard work for him.

(And a pied wagtail in a pub car park, but blogger refuses to upload it, haha)

There was a low freezing mist - bitter

Not sure what this place is called but very lovely

This is the forest in their garden

For New Year's Eve party we had haggis and this was the sauce !!!

Sister-in-law has a beagle - dull as anything. Won't behave much either.

But those eyes!!!!

We went up our friends' house on the weekend. They have an adorable Welsh Collie. She has the saddest eyes, but loves her pull toy. One of the friendliest dogs I know - she loves us :-D

But this is a fab angle of her grabbing her squeaky chicken

And this is my dad's dog. She is a duck toller and is not even a year old but is blind in one eye. I think she looks like a muppet in this picture.

She likes this spot in the summer as the marble cools her belly

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swatson said...

lovely mix of photos there joomoo and those dogs are just gorgeous