Tuesday, 2 December 2008


This morning I put some pork and soft cheese out for the birds. all gone when I got home.
I refilled to the top my two feeders and kept the mixes separate. The one has robin and songbird mix, the other a mixed sunflower seed mix. I normally put a bit of everything in the feeder, but thought I'd change it for a change.
I also moved the fat cake onto the tree so that the starlings may stay away from the seed feeders.
I haven't received my box of goodies I ordered for them. I must have spent almost £200 on new feeders and mix and cakes etc. I am going to have a right good rearrange. I just wish I could stay at home all day to watch the birds. Bah, I hate early dark evenings.
Tonight's meal for them tomorrow is french bread sliced into small chunks and drowned with sausage fat. And some pasta "packets".

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