Monday, 1 December 2008

About My Garden

I don’t know whether to just start my garden blog with a round up of this weekend’s activity or do a bit of a history. I suppose if I don’t write about this weekend I shall forget, so here goes.

After getting home from work on Friday I spent a good half hour filling up my feeders. I have 2 small seed ones on the “big bush” (looks more like a tree but is apparently a bush gone mad) and a small nut feeder. I also have one of those cake feeders which is going down rather well. Because of the level difference of my garden, I need a step ladder to get to where I hang the feeders. Good for the birds as they are higher off the ground, bad for me as I the ground is damp and the feet just sing with each step I take. I have already lost 2 feet, so had to go and get some old broken tiles to put under the feet.

I also have a bird table on an old post. It has a roof that the squirrels fit under just nicely. To say my garden is a wild garden is an understatement. It’s totally overgrown and messy and the birds adore it.

Birds I have seen in the garden so far
Great tit
Blue tit
Coal tit
Long tailed tit
Black bird
Gold finch
Collared doves
And next door, a Woodpecker
Not forgetting the squirrel family, at least 2, I’m sure there was a baby one this summer.

I usually put a curry carton of food onto the table each morning of last night’s left overs.
This weekend they had some kebab, they also often have bread soaked with fat from cooking meat like sausages or steaks. I had an old pack of almonds so crushed them and gave it to them. Biscuits, rice crispies, potatoes, potato and carrot peelings, broccoli and cauliflower too. The squirrels love grapes and strawberries, but not tomatoes.

I have no idea what this will be like, so will post it and maybe play with it a little. Posting photos on here has me going round in circles, so will post pics of the birds I have seen and managed to photograph some time soon.

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Nellie said...

I love your garden, all the wildlife is wonderful, and it always looks to me that there may be more living there than meets the eye!