Saturday, 29 November 2008

Welcome to me

So I decided that everyone else has interesting blogs, so I'll get myself a blog and see how long I keep interested in it.
I am already stuck at what to blog next. I have so many old things I'd like to post.

I did just dabble with a different provider, but this one looks sooooo much better (and I can choose pink)


Nellie said...

Yay! Joo! Esme is hanging on you every word!

Graham said...

Yay the real one and only JooMoo lots and lots and lots of Moooooooooooooooos to yooooooo!

JooMoo said...


Anonymous said...

Hey gurl, congrats on the blog!

word up, jiggidy jiggidy

A x

Anonymous said...

Just visiting joomoo :D great stuff :)

nuthatch :D