Monday, 8 December 2008


The squirrels in my garden are cheeky chappies. I often see them scampering up the big trees by the stream. They come quite close to the house. I can open the window fairly noisily and they won't flinch. So here is a selection of the pics I have taken

He was complaining that people were saying he looked a fat rat, so did a nice pose.

And does a great "squirrel pose"

He looks up to no good here.

I'm sure I saw a small one once, but it's not often you get the two of them tolerating each other

They like the bird table roof to sit on to munch whatever they find on the table

It's funny how they hold their paw like this

They like biscuits

And nuts of course

I loooooove this pic of his feet. He has such long toes.

But he does like to get at the seeds

Even if it is a long way to stretch

Eek - not that far


swatson said...

Youre right about his feet quite comical great pics

Anonymous said...

Little scamps :D

nuthatch :)