Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mid Week

I received the rest of my goodies Monday afternoon and also the things I was looking forward to the most - the hanging basket with cranberry cake and my super duper Droll Yankees feeder with tray.

Even though it was dark I had to go out and put them up ready for the next day. The feeder was a bit silly. I put the tray on, then went to fill it, but it then didn't have a flat base and would fall over, so I had to fill it first, then try one-handedly to put the tray on. They of course I couldn't put it down. It has got pride of place on my tree, although due to only getting 10 mins of daylight in the morning to look at it, I've only seen about 3 birds on it.
I'd say that about a quarter of the seed has gone from it, but there's a lot on the tray. I can't wait to see the birdies on it on the weekend.

The other successful thing I got was the basket. After two days the treat is practically gone. The basket is a good shape with the firm handle. I already had one, but it is held up with a chain. I'd moved it to the other side of the garden to try to tempt the starlings away.

I got home from work on Tuesday night and couldn't see it, so got a torch and went looking. It was on the floor. I thought perhaps I'd hooked it the wrong way so fixed it firm. I got home tonight, looked to see how it was doing - not there again. Hmmm, this time the chain links had come apart but I couldn't really see where, so have now tied it there with string haha. Let see if it's still there tomorrow night.

On to the birds. As I said, I'm giving myself 10 mins or so in the mornings to sit and watch. There's usually a few lady blackbirds and the usual starlings. The robin will pop by too. There were about 4 or 5 chaffinches this morning on the ground. It was well frozen, so I'm not sure what they were all after.

A bird caught my eye on the vine. Grey with a black head. I think it was my first sighting of a blackcap, I was thrilled. He came and went about 5 or 6 times, not eating, just checking things out I think. I hope he comes back on the weekend.


swatson said...

looks a lovely little fellow JooMoo
I live in hope of seeing one in my garden

JooMoo said...

I have seen him again. He seems to be more confident now, so I hope to get a better photo.