Thursday, 11 December 2008


Back in September me and MrJoo went to the Galapagos Islands on a fab scuba diving trip. I wasn't really into birds at the time, but I still managed to photograph some lovely birds. Here are a few photos of some nice local birds.

The mockingbird was a very common bird. They were just so "tame" and you had to be careful you didn't step on them. They are absolutely gorgeous.
A nice close-up

And another

I am not sure what these are but there were a few of them in a puddle just washing themselves and shaking the water out. We sat for ages watching them, but the light was going and they were shaking too much, so I didn't get a good photo.
Then this guy turned up. A Galapagos dove. What blue eyes he has.

Another bird I'm not sure of. Again, gorgeous.

Even photographed some pigeons, although to be honest, they weren't what I was photographing.

At a local farm they had chickens - with nice strong legs !!

I think he's in charge.

These are lava herons. They are quite sinister looking birds. In a cartoon, they would definitely be the bad guys.

Don't you agree?

We may have been on the equator, but yes, this is a penguin. A Galapagos penguin. I didn't see one underwater unfortunately, but the others did (lucky them)

Now these are Darwin finches. They are different on each island and are what inspired him to "discover" evolution. These were on Floreana Island. We can round a corner through a rock passage and there were a good few dozen of them. Again, really tame.

And this one was on Santa Cruz Island, he looks a bit more meaner than the others

And the infamous booby. You cannot believe how close I got to him either. In fact I don't think I used a zoom and there's not a lot of cropping on this pic.

Lovely duckies
Bottoms up !!!
I have saved my favourites for last. Pelicans. What an amazing bird. There was a "fish bar" where the fishermen would park up and gut the fish and sell to housewives. The pelicans would gather around and sidle closer and wait for scraps and innards. The birds would watch every move of the fisherman's hand and would move their heads as one. The fishermen would swipe a stick at them or turn the hose pipe on them to get them to back off. But seconds later they would be back there. Check out my video at the bottom of my blog.
At the boats
Queuing for an offcut
Even the sea lion joined in. He was cuter so got more scraps.
I expect I will post land animals and under water animals in future weeks as I have no garden bird tales to tell in the week as it's just too dark to see my lovely birdies.
I hope I have inspired you to save and save and save and save to afford a trip to the wonderful Galapagos Islands


Steve said...

Great photos, Joo. But no, I don't think I'll be going there.

swatson said...

lovely array of birds Joo the little yellow one is just like the yellowhammer,there is one early in my blog