Friday, 12 December 2008


I was bored in work and 10 minutes in the morning wasn't giving me a good enough fix, so I finished early.
It was bloomin cold yesterday, this was the frost on the roundabout.

I have been seeing the black cap every morning since first seeing him this week. In the mornings I tend to get the tits and the dunnock and blackbirds, although I didn't see any blackbirds this evening. Always see starlings haha.

I managed to get my best goldcrest photo so far.

And a not so good one.

My robin photo taking is just dreadful. He is the one I am determined to get a good pic of. They say robins are tame, but the ones in my garden are ever so nervous.

I took a few pics of the tits having dinner

A starling joining the tit for some fat. But it is probably the other way round.

The starling just arriving.

The longtailed tit likes the fat ball I have in the vine
One side:

And his better side:

Although they like fat balls wherever they are

This is not a good pic at all, but is appaerntly a pied wagtail in the middle of a car park (thanks again Sheila)

I thought he was a LTT but is a bit fat for one, I suppose

Friday night, so I get two days bird watching and trying to get good photos. Although it's giving rain for the morning, so I won't get any good pics through the glass. It is windy tonight and the ground feeders will probably have a feast awaiting them in the morning.


swatson said...

lovely photographs Joo.Goldcrest a beautiful little bird.Think the bird in the car park looks more like a pied wagtail though.

JooMoo said...

You really are a good bird IDer. It looked like a LTT but thinking about it - it would have been a big one. So I found another photo and have posted it.

shirl said...

Hi there Joo :-)

What a wonderful collection of birds visiting your garden and you've got some great photos too. Good luck in your quest to get the Robin. All the birds in my garden are nervous at the moment as there are too many Sparrowhawk visits ;-(

Loved to see your Goldcrest and LTT pics - great captures :-D