Saturday, 13 December 2008

Splat !!!!

Oh dear, what a kerffuffle.
I'd seen some bright green birds and thought they were greenfinches. Then I saw another similar bird, so was quietly opening the window, so I could get a better picture when I was startled with loud SPLAT.

The bird that I had been trying to take a photograph's mate had flown into the window.
She was lying on the floor for a bit twitching. I was shouting at her to get up but she didn't. She just lay there.

I ran round to where she was and she was still lying on his back, so, using a twig, I put her the right way up. She was breathing heavily, didn't seem to have any bits in the wrong place, but didn't move, so I got some tissue paper and put her onto a rock. I expect she was dazed.

She still didn't want to fly away and I didn't want next door's cat to get her.

I found a box and gently lifted her into it. It didn't have tall sides, I figured that she would fly off when she's good and ready, but she shuffled into the corner.

Her breathing was still fast and heavy

She was on her feet by now, but not really moving about. Using a twig, I gently turned her away from the corner so she could see she was still outside.

And she got fed up of being poked so flew off. Phew, panic over.

I saw 3 siskins later on so I'm assuming she's fine now.

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swatson said...

awful seeing it on its back Joo but well done getting her back on her feet.great pics as usual.I never see siskins in my garden