Sunday, 7 December 2008


I saw this chappie first thing. He/she looks like a lady chaffinch, except she was so small and skinny.
The ladies that like my garden are usually such fat birds like this that I really wasn't sure of it.

I also spotted a new bird to my garden - meet Mr and Ms Siskin
Mr siskin is on the left and seems to lose the yellow as he slightly turns round. I fit wasn't for the fact the pair of them were sat ther for ages, I'd have said it was two different birds.

This is a close up of the lady. She stayed on the feeder for a long time.

My goldfinch is a regular in my garden now. I have definately seen two of them.

Also the tree creeper loves this area. He was moving around lots and every photo I took that was quite good had a branch obscuring him.

I had most of my usual bunch today. The nuthatch came back this morning but only for a short while. Something liked the chicken curry. I'd put them on the ground still in plastic cartons hopefully to stop them from making a complete mess. I got into an argument about them encouraging rats so I am not going to put any meat based "joo-mix" out any more. I cleaned the table with my new scraper. It was a bit greasy. And I pulled back all the stones holding it up to get the old food out. Ew there was a lot of manky stuff there. So hopefully the ground feeders will give it a good clearing since there's not a lot of nicer stuff for them. I shall have to think about what I am going to do for the blackbirds and dunnocks and robins, etc. I hope the squirrel doesn't decide to run up the table, as it might just fall over haha.

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swatson said...

love the treecreeper fast little things so well done for getting the photo