Saturday, 6 December 2008


The morning after the stock up the day before.

I was fully expecting loads and loads and loads of birds. But it seems less than normal.
I didn't see anything on the nyger feeder. I think it's because it's on the starlings' tree.
Also only a lone tit has been seen on the fat candle.

So I went out and rearranged a bit. I moved the fat cake to a tree the other side of the garden hopefully to encourage the starlings over there. I moved the nyger feeder onto the tree outside the window. That now has a total of 6 different feeders/foods on it. One great tit didn't know where to settle. The nyger has had one or two visitors including the greenfinch, but mostly a coal tit.

I did see the goldcrest a few times and also, after a lot of poring over books and pics, I now know the brown bird I've been seeing is a dunnock as he had grey "flashes" over his eyes and rather a nice pic of him too.

Mrs chaffinch is still a scaredy cat, especially when the starling chases her off.

I'd read that you should pack a bit of fat into the tree nooks and crannies for tree creepers and the like, so I scraped the fat candle up a few brances and trunks. The starlings love it and are scrapping over it. It was also a nice treat for the very bird who I put it there for, the tree creeper who visited at dusk and went the other side of the branch when I approached him.

Sightings today
great tit
coal tit
blue tit
3 long tailed tits

mr and mrs chaffinch
mr and mrs blackbird
gold crest
gold finch

tree creeper
wood pigeons

Not seen a nuthatch today though. They are usual visitors, so I don't know where they are today.

I'm sure this is the same bird as I was wondering about yesterday and is definately mrs blackbird

There were a few bugs on the window and I tried a macro shot of them. The camera seemed to zoom in on different bits each time. Well cool if I say so myself

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