Friday, 5 December 2008

The Box Arrives

So after waiting ages for my delivery to arrive, it did last night about 5 minutes after me leaving for the day. The delivery people "Home" are really rubbish. We have an outer door - like a porch, then a locked door that needs swipe access, but there's a buzzer. On Tuesday, one of the guys saw a box outside on his way home - no buzz. Last night, the receptionist heard the outer door going and waited for a buzz, but just heard a sliding/scraping sound then the door again. So she ran down and saw the van dissapear. B*****s. Previously I'd had them delivering an order from Boots and they just said "couldn't find building" bah.

Anyway. 2 big boxes of lovely stuff. I've no idea where I'm going to store it.

I am still waiting on a Droll Yankees A6 and some of the cranberry treats with treat basket. I'd put the stuff out at about 3pm, but no one has been near the fat candle. I hope they like it as I seem to have bought loads.

So I'd decided to get some Nyger seed and I'd no sooner gone in and sat by the window and first a few tits, then a pair of goldfinches. They didn't stay too long. In fact I didn't get too much activity tonight.

Mrs Chaffinch came but didn't stay long.

But before even going out I saw the Gold Crest and managed to get a pic of him. Just as I was starting to sort out my pics, I looked out and there were 2 of them. It was too dark to get a photo of the two of them though.

A lovely looking brown bird who refuse to turn to face the camera

I have put 2 containers for them tomorrow consisting of crumpets, gammon fat, pitta bread, chips and gammon juice.
I gave them that gravied bread this morning, but placed it on a slice of bread. I should have taken a pic as they'd eaten 3/4 of it and left the other 1/4 still nice and tidily sitting on top of a quarter slice of bread.

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