Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today's topic is a very special request from a moo-mate
Whilst playing with my camera I tried to take closeup macro shots of the few flowers I have in my garden. Half of them I don't know what they are. I don't "do" flowers. If something wants to grow in my garden, then it grows until "destruction day" when we go out and raze everything to the ground.

We seem to have a bluebell field on the lower level.

One of them bushes, can't remember what

This lovely orange flowered crocosmia just spreads everywhere. Beautiful, though (thanks Sheila)

Fuchsia (thanks G)

This may be a poppy?

A lovely plant next door

And a daisy, I think.

Lavendar bush? tree? It has really grown in the last few years and looks lovely.

So there's a few of the lovely flowers in my garden. If I ever work out what they are I'll come back and edit this post.
So I was in Tescos tonight and the receptionist at work phoned me to tell me my delivery has arrived. Since I drive a very small car it was a choice of food, or bird food. I chose food, so I may finish early tomorrow to set things up.
Tomorrows food is: potato peelings, a sprinkling of orange pepper and mushroom stems, bread, crumpets, a bit of beef fat, beef edge and all mushed together with gravy. Yum.
I am struggling with line spacings on this. It's doing my head in, bah!


swatson said...

orange flowers are crocosmia.

JooMoo said...

Thanks Sheila.