Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The End

Well this blog is closing it's doors.  I've moved out of my old fabulously birdy garden into the in-laws with their fox and hedgehog visitors and will now move onto our new home on the weekend.
Thank you to every one who has visited and enjoyed and commented.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you wander over to the new place.  It will be sporadic at first as we won't have internet for a month, but I will post when I am in work and will certainly take lots of photos.

Over the last few days we've seen the following birds which the mother in law is under strick instructions to keep happy:
Tits - Blue, Coal, Great
Finches - chaffinch and greenfinch
Corvids - Magpies, Crow, Jackdaws
Collared doves, Blackbirds, Thrush (was a fat one)
Dunnocks, Robins, sparrow, nut hatch, seagull

And to my delight, a brand new bird I've never seen before and I saw him on two days - a grey wagtail.

And these are birds I haven't seen for a few weeks:
jay, bullfinch, starling, black cap, woodpigeon

Not a bad selection indeed.
And of course there's the at least 6 hedgehogs, 3 squirrels and a fox.
The next place has a lot to live up to to satisfy me.  What new birds will I see?  It's not too far from woodland and other people in the area have told me that they've seen hogs, foxes and birds of prey.


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swatson said...

have enjoyed all your posts especially your hedgehogs of late.Look forward to seeing what visitors you have in your new home.
good luck