Saturday, 26 September 2009


Had a strange hog in the garden tonight. He looked a bit grey and with the flash you can really see the white bits. I've named him Snowy

Fluffy turned up

I later stepped outside because there was some strange noises in the distance and disturbed Snowy who was rolled up, so I took a few more pics. At first I thought it was just flattened spikes reflecting the flash, but it's the same whatever angle

Fluffy having a right good scratch. Perhaps I should have named him Itchy
I named this one Ratty as he looks more like a pricky rat. He is always about. It looks like he has a weepy eye, but I don't think so.

There was also a new boy. Fluffy and Snowy are small hedgehogs but this one was the same size as Ratty. In fact he had an altercation with Ratty where Ratty tried to shove him off, but this guy stood his ground so Ratty left.


karen said...

Great hedgie shots joomoo, you are SO lucky to have the in your garden! And, Izzy is absolutely gorgeous!! such a pretty doggie x

swatson said...

A brilliant set of photos joomoo.they are sooooo cute