Saturday, 2 May 2009

Starlings and toads

I sometimes get frogs and toads in the garden. I have a stream at the bottom, but there's 2m of gabion wall then the garden slopes up, so they really have a slog to get up.

This was one fat ugly toad. MrJoo wanted to lick him, but he was under strict instructions NO

I'm not sure if this is a juvenile siskin. It didn't quite look as familiar as a female siskin. Certainly no sign of yellow around it's neck

I have had a lot of starling activity these last few days. They hare munching through the fat candles like fun. They work in pairs, one will be on the candle, the other below collecting the bits the top one drops. They will pick as much as they can up win their beaks and then fly off to their nests.

A fab action shot

It's impressive how many jackdaws I have seen since I IDed them

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swatson said...

brilliant photos Joomoo especially your "bird in flight".Might be wrong but I dont think its a young siskin as the beak doesnt look like a fledglings,all squashy and wide.