Saturday, 2 May 2009

Last weekend outside

Some of the birds are happy for me to be out and about in the garden with them. The best was the siskin. This pic has no zoom on it. I was standing ever so still less than 6 foot from it. I stepped closer and he moved to the other branch and "shrieked" at me until I stepped back.

The bullfinch was a little more nervous but tolerated me

The nuthatch was happy flitting back and fore. He likes the new feeder the most. He has the most gorgeous eyes of any bird.

Just a little peek

The lady blackbird has such great colours
The coal tit likes the fat (and doing acrobatics)
Someone didn't like the rain hahaha.

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swatson said...

at a risk of repeating myself.....brilliant photos Joomoo.especially love the one of the coal tit.