Monday, 9 March 2009

A different beast altogether

Not quite a birdie, however they have learned to fly, haha.

A shout went up in my office "there's a dalek outside". After a few puzzled looks, we ran out.

Yes, there was a lone dalek. There was no sign of David Tennant, to our dismay.
He was wandering about, shooting water at us and telling us "what are you doing" and "go back to work". Then after a bit he went out onto the road and zoomed off. Blimey, he got a bit of speed up.

A very random thing to see on a Monday afternoon.


denzil said...

your intro photo of the ltt is really good.


ShySongbird said...

How very bizarre, you must let us know if you find out what that was all about....Ah! Red Nose Day perhaps?

swatson said...

not everyday you see one of those joomoo