Monday, 23 February 2009


We are planning on moving house so are getting things tidy ready for putting ours on the market. This weekend was "attack the garden" weekend. We've cut quite a bit back and opened out a few areas. I have seen a few bits of different behaviour (well different to what I've seen in my limited amount of time birdwatching)
I'd put a fat candle and a fat cake down the bottom of the garden as well as outside the window and for the first time I saw a blackbird on them. They prefer to be on the ground near the house and so I never thought of them as being "tree feeders". My siskins are costing me a fortune in niger seeds. But my nut hatches have been seen a bit more than they had been recently. The collared dove has been eating off the seed feeder tray.
I have seen a few bits of "courting". A collared dove was doing a bit of cooing and dancing to another one. Very cute. Mind you, there's some aggressive behaviour about too. I saw the woodpecker have a right good go at a starling on the fat cake.
I did actually get a decent look at the tiny bird I'd wondered about previously and it is definitely a wren. What lovely "eyebrows" they have.
I often complain about my robins being the most nervous in the country. Well I was out the front yesterday and I could hear a noisy chirping. I looked at the wall the other side of the road and there was a robin sat there. He would chirp, then dip his head with his tail feathers up, then chirp, then dip. I got the feeling I was in his space and he wasn't happy about it.

We'd taken down our garage rather a few years ago and they'd just been propped up for years, so we decided to lay them along the gabions as a nicer edge to the garden. It's amazing how a neatly trimmed lawn makes a difference. Our bluebell field is about to start growing, so we've left that. I will take some pics as they come out.



Looking the other way:


And a lovely (only slightly enhanced) photo of the trees in the lovely blue sky

So no birdie pics this post. I shall make a bit of time soon and get clicking.


swatson said...

great shots joo some hard work gone into that garden

denzil said...

nice photos, i suspect that your garden will be a hard act to follow when you come to finding a new home.

JooMoo said...


I am checking out all the gardens and will leave a postcard for the birds with directions on it.