Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The days are getting longer and it means I get a quick birdie fix in the mornings. I usually see the blackbirds and siskins. Various tits flit in and out but don't loiter. I've seen the pair of nuthatches a bit more often, but I haven't seen the tree creeper for a while. I have cut back quite a bit, so am wondering if that has made any difference. The siskins are eating more and more niger seeds, but I haven't seen them in their previously high numbers. I think that since I have let the feeder empty quite a bit so that they were forced to eat from the tray, they seem to be happy to eat from the tray anyway. Means less waste for me.
The starlings have been congregating on the top of the big trees. I counted over 20.

Sometimes the birds can stick their noses up at this mix and sometimes it just goes.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Joo,
How I envy you having Nuthatches and Tree Creepers in your garden, I have never seen them and since the neighbours cut down a row of lovely mature trees I fear there is not much chance. We did have some Siskins briefly last year which was very unexpected this far south, also there has been no sign of the Bramblings which were so abundant last year.

Thanks for the great blog, I visit often but have never commented before.

JooMoo said...

Thank you for your thanks.

I just wish I could spend all day sat by the window watching, but at least the days are getting longer.