Sunday, 21 December 2008


It was quiet in my garden yesterday, but I refilled a few feeders and moved the nyger feeder so I may see it a bit better. I looked out the upstairs window and saw 4 goldfinches, wow, I was well impressed but couldn't get a good photo. I posted about this on the GBS forum and as I was doing so, I could see there were a few on the feeder outside the window. I sneaked closer and counted 6. Managed a few photos. Later on I was trying to take a photo showing how close everything is to the window and say the goldies again. I kept losing count as there were just too many. I counted 8, 6 on the one tree near the nyger feeder and 2 on the other tree. Wow. And they visited quite a few times during the day, although not more than 4 at a time after that.

So here's a few photos of the lovely colourful birds.

They are very lovely

And the view through my window. The nyger feeder, sunflower seed feeder and fat cake basket are on the tree you can see through the smaller window on the left. The tree to the right houses the seed feeders, fat candles and nut feeder.


swatson said...

great photos of lovely birds Joo you are so lucky to have so many visit.

Anonymous said...

very, very good love it

shirl said...

Hi again Moo :-)

Just popped by to wish you “HAPPY HOGMANAY” and all the best for 2009 :-D

Great photos from your garden. Wishing you wonderful wildlife and brilliant bird moments in the New Year!!