Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Galapagos Animals

This is a collection of the animals I saw on my trip to the Galapagos Islands.
It is amazing just how close they will come to you. And how photogenic they are. This lovely little sea lion pup wanted to be famous.

This pup was just a few days old

And what a delicious looking face on this one.

My favourite though is the marine iguanas. They are everywhere and you are practically tripping over them. I thing they have fantastic smiles.

"Am I a cutie?"

They like to huddle in the sun to get warm enough to brave the sea.

And they like to hang out with Sally Lightfoot crabs

Who also like to pose. Everyone took this chappie's photo as he was just a big poser.

There didn't seem to be many insects about, but this locust was huge.

These are lava lizards, they are slightly different on each island. The female has a red neck, whilst the male are less colourful

The most famous animals on the Galapagos are the tortoises. They are different on each island. This chappie is the most famous of all - Lonesome George. Although he's not quite so lonesome any more. Apparently he has mated with 2 "cousins"

There was a park in the city of Guayaquil where the wildlife were happy to eat snacks off visitors. I think this squirrel is just showing off.

He will take food off anyone

Iguanas lived in the trees. You had to be careful not to stand underneath as when they poop, they really poop

You can get ever so close to them, even stroke them.


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swatson said...

great pics Joo looks like you had an amazing holiday