Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Strange Fluffy Greenfinch

We saw one of these a week ago. He was the same as this one, but seemed to be "coughing" and eating grass and looked very bedraggled in the rain and was in the front garden for about an hour. He was eating lots, including grass, I thought.
So this morning I saw this chappie. He seemed to be struggling to chew the sunflower seeds, but was having a good munch.

He moved round to the back and was moving amongst the feeders, but mainly on the ground for ages. Again not being able to chew the seeds even though he was munching a lot. He'd wipe his mouth on occasion to clean it up.

He looks more like an easter chick than a greenfinch

Then all of a sudden about a dozen greenfinches turned up, most of them babies. You can just about see the one in the middle is the adult and the other two were babies doing their shivering begging actions.

So is he just a lonelu orphan, or has he got the dreaded tricho?

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swatson said...

Joomoo sad but it looks like the dreaded disease to me.Sad thing is the bird always has that lovely fluffy look to it.
Hope it doesnt spread