Monday, 15 June 2009

More baby birds

I have a few baby great tits in the garden. They are a softer, fluffier version of the adult (nicer colours too)

The baby goldfinches are thick. They sit in the tray of the niger feeder munching on the seeds in the tray. Except that I gave it a good clean the other day and therefore there's barely any seeds in the tray as they haven't sussed to get them from the holes. I felt so sorry for them I had to go down and put seeds in the tray.

I haven't seen the nut hatch about much recently, but he does have a junior.

And I thought all the sturkies had grown up, but there were a couple of babies nagging daddy for some food.


karen said...

Lovely baby pics Joomoo, they are so cute x

swatson said...

brilliant photos of your "babies" joomoo.just seen my first baby goldie today.

JooMoo said...

Baby goldies are the most pathetically cute babies.

Jayne said...

Some more great shots of the young un's there Joo - Well Done