Saturday, 16 May 2009

Young Squirrels

I had a mummy squirrel (not photographed as she's got a fat bum) and 2 ickle sqwils.
They were fighting over the nut feeder at one point.
Next to the nuts I have a spiral fatball feeder that nobody really likes and it's on a long piece of string which is just hooked over a branch. The squirrel would look down the string and go as if to attempt to get down it, but chicken out. All he had to do was unhook it and it was his.

What a lovely fluffy tail

Very acrobatic, but couldn't quite get it.

He had a nibble but didn't really like it. I think he just wanted a seed or something from it.

I know they are rats, but they are so gorgous to look at

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swatson said...

Great shots again Joomoo are they babies?