Saturday, 4 April 2009


Some of today's birdies:
Wood pigeons

A lovely chaffinch
Who has decided he likes my seed feeder
Starlings are lovely looking birdies
And jackdaws have the look of evil about them haha
Managed to tempt the greenfinch to the close side of the garden
The buds are starting to, well, bud, I suppose.


denzil said...

been busy with the camera joomoo, excellent pics

swatson said...

great shots there Joomoo,love the chaffinch,he is such a pretty bird with so much colour.Is that a siskin on the feeder with the greenfinch?

Steve said...

I too like starlings. My desktop is that posing starling from one of my blog posts.

JooMoo said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
Yes Sheila it's one of the ever-present siskins.
I have some really bright chaffinches about. You can spot them far off they are so striking with their white on their wings

ShySongbird said...

The Chaffinch really is a beautifully coloured bird and nice to see the Jackdaws, don't seem to see them in our garden.