Saturday, 21 March 2009

Spring Equinox

The warmest day of the year so far. The car said it was 18 degrees. Very nice.
I have seen a pair of gold crests in the garden most days this week. They even came and fluttered about while I was in the garden stocking up the fat feeders.

The siskin numbers are very low now. I'm not sure there are half a dozen at any one time. Perhaps they have moved on, or someone else is feeding them good stuff.

This starling was sitting on next door's gutter most mornings. I thought he was a (big, fat) baby who wanted to join in with the other ones, as he would just sit there, cawing to them and shrugging his wings. But then he'd fly over to this telegraph pole and just sit there until he went back to the gutter. I'm sure his nest is there. Next door must have a good half dozen nests in his eaves and gutters.

I'm getting the jackdaws on my lawn more and more now.

The dunnock is usually seen on the other (out of sight) side of the garden, but he came to by the window today.

I got some lovely pics of a Mrs Blackbird.


swatson said...

great photos jealous of your goldcrests.think some of your siskins have finally come to visit me

JooMoo said...

I'm glad to here you are getting siskins. But I want mine back. Only 4 today :(