Saturday, 7 March 2009

A lady comes to the garden

There was a new looking bird on the bird table. I couldn't get an angle to check out the head, but it seemed a little bit like a robin, but I knew it wasn't as I blinked and the robins usually get scared and fly off. It was there for ages. I'm not sure what it was eating as there's barely anything left.

I had a thought and when she did move off, I spotted it was a female blackcap. Wow. I'd seen the male mainly over the other side of the garden, but it was the first time I'd seen her. She came back again. To exactly the same spot.

The jackdaws have taken a fancy to the fat cake down the bottom of the garden. They are not too good at hanging on though. But they do have a good go.

And of course, the ever present siskins.

I don't know what he was spitting out, though.


ShySongbird said...
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ShySongbird said...

Hi JooMoo,

I too have noticed how long the Blackcaps hang around , too long for their own good I fear. Let's hope the cats and Sparrowhawks stay away!

swatson said...

oh for a little blackcap in my garden....or a siskin great shots