Sunday, 1 March 2009


I like to pop to the back bedroom window first thing in the morning (and when I say first, I mean it's the first thing I do on getting out of bed, haha) to see what's about and this morning, when I saw what was there, I squealled, ran downstairs, crept along the floor to get my camera off the table, then ran back up. There were Mr and Mrs Bullfinch.
Woohoo, I haven't seen them for ages and they were more than happy sat there eating the newly growing buds.

Mr Bully gave me a lovely twirl
The jackdaws sat on next door's garage roof
And Mr Blackbird appreciated the bigger fat cake. Although I did see one of them bouncing up (and missing more than getting a mouthful)


ShySongbird said...

Oh I do envy you those Bullfinches, I haven't seen one since I was a child and they are on the red list according to the RSPB.

JooMoo said...

You can't imagine how thrilled I was to see them this morning, haha.

swatson said...

he is a real stunner that bullfinch.